Yearly Archives: 2009

Training Run: 3 miles

Well, after a week and a few days of laying off running due to old shoes and a creaky knee, I started running again tonight and well, it fel [...]

…at La Jolla Beach House ;)

I <3 calling my big sis’ place here in La Jolla, the Beach House — it’s not beachfront but it’s close enough (1.5 [...]

Need new shoes?

I might have to finally retire my Nike Pegasus 2007. My last run on Wednesday, a short 3 miles, did some havoc on my knees that I can still [...]

Race Report: SF Marathon (Half-Marathon)

Race: The San Francisco Marathon (Half-Marathon) Date: July 26th, 2009 Location: San Francisco, California Notes: What can I say, this rac [...]

Nike LunarGlide+ Contest

After watching the Boston Marathon on the Universal Sports (US) channel and seeing Kara Goucher nab 3rd spot, other than the thought that s [...]

Abridged Updates!

Let’s see, since my last post on July 12th, I have: Ran 11 miles (Monday, 13th July) Went to Disneyland for the second time in my lif [...]


Okie, I had my first football (soccer) training yesterday at the grass fields next to the Rose Bowl… It was a 2-hour basics training w [...]


I picked up my bro @ the airport today; he returned from his Egypt/Italy trip and as much as he enjoyed travelling (not really!) he’s [...]

Happy 4th of July!

I’m in celebrating independence day here in La Jolla with my sisters and the day started off marvelously with brunch at our favourite [...]

Long Run Training: 9.32 miles

Notes: Wow, talk about an easy run. I’ve never been this relaxed at a run evar evar! LOL. But let me step back — this morning, b [...]

Sarah Palin the Runner

Sheryl sent me this really neat article on Sarah Palin. Now, before you go — “ZOMG! I thought Sharool hated that woman, why is s [...]
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