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13 Resolutions!

Right. Ten Eleven days into the new year, and I’m finally ready to set some (realistic) goals on what to accomplish/ improve upon thi [...]

2009 Race recap & realisation

You’re not dreaming. You are in fact, reading a post of my 2009 races; a recap, rather. Yes, it’s March 2010 and 2009 was so las [...]

Gold stah!

I gave myself a gold star today. WTH am I talking about? Well, remember in kindergarten when you’d be good, you’d get a gold sta [...]

Ugh. Heat wave.

Effing hot right now. Feels like summer. I hate this. I hope this doesn’t carry over to the weekend. >_< p.s., I found a really [...]

Nineteen days and counting down…

…until the Inaugural Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon and I think I’m freaking out. My right calf feels fine now but the trou [...]
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