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Gold stah!

I gave myself a gold star today.

WTH am I talking about? Well, remember in kindergarten when you’d be good, you’d get a gold star sticker from your teacher? LOL. Yesh, times haven’t changed and I give myself a gold star sticker to slap on my calendar whenever I complete a scheduled workout.

Lately, I’ve only been doing like, half of my scheduled workouts so I cut the sticker in half before slapping it on. However, today, I gave myself a whole gold star (wheeee!) for doing three (3) cardio midweek workouts in a row.

Check out my Daily Mile reports for additional details.

Supreme wOOtage.

The day’s not over. I’m going to do 30 minutes of resistance training (arms) and which will render me exhausted and will most likely pass-out around 8:30PM. lolz.


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