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Combined (Training) Timetable

Finally got my training plan, courtesy of Hal Higdon! I wish I knew Hal but for now, I shall pretend he’s an old friend who let me cop [...]

Keeping motivated!

I think signing up for MyFitnessPal kick-(re)started my training. OK, I know it might eventually become cumbersome to enter my daily caloric [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

I might sound like a broken record but, what a difference the long runs make! I didn’t feel as sluggish for this run as I did last wee [...]

Barefoot Training: 4 miles

What a (negative) difference no running during the weekend makes. 🙁 I didn’t do my 18-mile run on Saturday because of the self-defe [...]

Swim Training (1200m)

ZOMG. I did all 3 drills today and then one more! wOOt. I had to switch around my training (supposed to do barefoot run) but since my Vibram [...]

Carbo-load!Hash tag! One Good Earbud!

I made some pasta tonight (instead of ordering from Macaroni Grill and picking it up!) and came up with something rather delicious. Fusilli [...]
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