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Carbo-load!Hash tag! One Good Earbud!

I made some pasta tonight (instead of ordering from Macaroni Grill and picking it up!) and came up with something rather delicious. Fusilli col buco pasta with chicken breast, drops of truffle oil over white/Alfredo sauce. I’m sure there’s a proper recipe out there, but I ended up just going off whatever we had at home (again). Hehe.

Fusilli col buco with truffle oil Alfredo sauce

Fusilli col buco with truffle oil Alfredo sauce

My meals definitely need more greens, reds, and shades other than beige but I really didn’t feel like having a salad tonight. That, and extra roughage (I’ve read) before long runs is a no-no, unless you want to get, er, the runs! Hahaha TMI.

In other news, Sheryl, my virtual training buddy, and I have come up with a hash tag for when we tweet about each other’s training. We have now dubbed ourselves, VTB’s (#VTB) “Virtual Training Buddy” or if we somehow annoy each other during the next few months, “Virtual Training B*tches” (or if you’re a guy, Virtual Training Bast*rds). LOL. Please use it. It’s fun and safe and non-habit-forming; OK, maybe it is habit-forming, but it’s the good kind of habit! Even better, find yourself a VTB or perhaps several VTB’s and watch that training discipline get stronger. 🙂

Finally, before I get my beauty sleep, I just found this really neat product for your MP3 player called the “One Good Earbud” — it’s not just your regular earbud (apparently) but one that actually carries both left and right channels. I wish I had known about this sooner! Then I wouldn’t have suffered through half-arsed music streaming through just one ear with headphones made to be worn on both ears! That, and my shoulder will thank me for not stuffing the other earbud down my bra strap! LOL. Still, until I try it, I can’t really say that it’ll be an improvement but if and when I get it, I’ll definitely post the review here.


AHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m doing 17 miles tomorroz!*ded*  >_<


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