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Race Recap: My first half marathon…

The title is a misnomer. I have done over 25 half marathons before this one, but this morning’s inaugural National Nurses Half Marath [...]

October Goals

I haven’t done this in a while, so here goes… some quick-and-dirty goals for October 2011. Of course, I should have sat down ear [...]

PALA Complete! October overloaded, redux.

Arbitrary challenge to shock me into fitness: COMPLETE. Certificate awarded for completing the challenge: downloaded. 🙂 Other Thoughts: 8 [...]

Four down, two to go!

I’m four weeks into the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge and am two weeks away from fulfilling the 6-week requirement. Ju [...]


OCB. Don’t really have it; but I do have some obsessive compulsive tendencies;  or I may be in denial and I’m truly OCD :P. Sti [...]
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