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OCB. Don’t really have it; but I do have some obsessive compulsive tendencies;  or I may be in denial and I’m truly OCD :P. Still, I think all athletes should have a bit of OCB in them. Yes, I called myself an athlete. It’s probably what drives us to do the things we do over and over again, and like it. 🙂 Or it could just be called insanity. Hmmm… I do have a different mindset, when it comes to my “regular” run training, though…  Anyway, onto the PALA (Presidential Active Lifestyle Award)  update first!

Two weeks of the challenge have come and gone and I have to say, it’s nice to have that arbitrary dare to hold you accountable with being physically active every day. Not to say that I do an intense workout everyday, nor do I go above and beyond the requirements (challenge minimum: 30-minutes of physical activity a day or 8,500 steps on your pedometer, daily) but not wanting to break the chain of activity means sometimes I end up working out late at night– 9-, 10-, even as late as 11 PM! So I have to be a bit smarter when I workout, which means I have to tear myself away from the computer and clock-out for at least 30 minutes in the early evening to do my workout! Speaking of tearing myself away from the computer; I need to set a timer or summat so I can occasionally get up to stretch/walk around. Check this infographic out for the need to interrupt your marathon-sitting (i.e., work) day. But I digress…

So my NWM Training update for week 1:

15 mi total scheduled.

Actual miles ran: 3mi. O_o Ohboy.

I’ve already messed up week 1 of training; mostly because I can’t get my arse on the road to run when it’s safe/light to do so (I blame that on my deadlines last week, but only partly really). Today I only have S/S (Strength and Stretching) scheduled, so I should be ok with that. However, I need to do my 3mi tomorroz and then 30 min tempo on Wednesday. I have a 6miler this weekend, but will be out-of-town so I’ll probably end up doing the 6 on Friday. This is just me typing out loud or rather, psyching myself to do it! AHHHHH.

Happy Monday! 🙂

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