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Bouldering, & races that are piling up

…but not really! Well, sort of. I just ran a 5k race last night (yes, my first midweek race; in the evening, even!) and I’m just [...]

Weekend Training (28 Aug)

Saturday (August 28th) Long run; 9mi. Walk 2mi. Gear used: VFF, compression calf sleeves, Amphipod belt. I guess my body was still recoverin [...]

Midweek Training Mashup

OK, I’m liking this mashup thing so I’ll do one post a week to my midweek training activities, and then another for my weekend t [...]

Swim Training (1000m Wed; 450m Fri)

I went to do my lunchtime workout on Wednesday — 1000m swim! I was particularly encouraged to workout by my “new” virtual [...]

Gold stah!

I gave myself a gold star today. WTH am I talking about? Well, remember in kindergarten when you’d be good, you’d get a gold sta [...]

Alternate Training: Cycling (30 miles)

As planned (and as encouraged by Sheryl), I went for a bike ride in lieu of my scheduled 20-mile run today. By the time I reached the 5 mile [...]
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