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Midweek Training Mashup

OK, I’m liking this mashup thing so I’ll do one post a week to my midweek training activities, and then another for my weekend training… until my schedule clears up a bit, anyway and I’ll have time to post here as often as I have in the past. 🙂

Monday (August 16th)
It was a rest day but I ended up running 3 miles with my sis @ our usual Beach route. It wasn’t a bad (barefoot) run, either — no recurrence of my right arch pain but there were some muscle creaks and niggles elsewhere that I didn’t expect.

Tuesday (August 17th)
Just as a precaution, I decided to skip the run and do a lap swim. Though I was only able to do one drill, I feel like I’m getting stronger swimming 100m with hardly any rest between laps. Workout was: 100m warm up, 5 x 50m drill, 100m kickboard, 100m cool down

Wednesday (August 18th)
Ugh. Another skipped workout day.

Thursday (August 19th)
This was the day I downloaded that cool app, MyFitnessPal and due to work, I ended up doing indoor cardio (spinning) for 35 minutes. It was a good one, too as I began sweating profusely five minutes into the workout (and until the end!)

Friday (August 20th)
Combined cardio and strength training by spinning for 15 minutes and then doing the P90x Back and Biceps routine for 23 minutes. I only did that much because my arms began to feel like jelly! In hindsight, I’m glad I only did that much because as I did my long run training today, my arms were so sore!

Anyway, despite the fact that I’m weeks behind my marathon (and triathlon) training, I think I’m progressing as far as building my fitness back up — it’s not a great improvement, but it’s better than my previous training regimen from three years ago (i.e., non-existent!) 🙂

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