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Training Setbacks

I haven’t done this in a while… posted something other than an Instagram image! I suppose I felt compelled to vent about my cur [...]

Happy birfday, Herman.

Enjoy celebrating your 43rd birfday up there with your fav Steve Jobs (and maybe getting a few laughs from Robin Williams!) Thanks to Herma [...]

Still alive, and kicking…

Apologies for the lack of updates. Things have been slightly mad since my last post. Let’s just say we have a new addition to the fami [...]

LA Marathon Aftermath

It’s the Thursday after the Los Angeles Marathon and my thoughts are still brewing over what I want to include in my race report. Shor [...]

Second Death Anniversary

Can’t believe it’s already been two years since Herman’s passing. I was kinda reminiscing last night about the “good [...]

Running, Fundraising, and Pampering

It was a wonderful weekend. Despite my mini-anxiety on Friday with regards to my 20mi run, I ended up completing that distance — albei [...]

Happy birfday, Herman!

On September 16th, my sisters and I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. That day would have been our good friend, [...]

Will not count myself out!

Last weekend, I ran the most mileage I have done in a while: 20 miles. I divided the workout into two segments, a 15-miler on hills and unsh [...]

Calling all and any angels!

I’m raising funds again for the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Like last year, my sisters and I will be running [...]

Happy (Gregorian Calendar) New Year

Belated Happy New Year anyway. I generally write down my New Year Resolutions around February, but since Chinese New Year is somewhat earlie [...]

A Challenge & Commitments

So much for updating my journal more than twice a month! LOL. Anyway, I’ve been slacking lately and not just with posting here but wi [...]
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