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Second Death Anniversary

Can’t believe it’s already been two years since Herman’s passing. I was kinda reminiscing last night about the “good times” and found myself looking through old photos of our snowboarding trips!

This by far, is my fave photo: It was taken at one of the bars at Snow Summit whilst we were waiting for Joel — who mistakenly took the snowlift all the way to the top of the mountain… at night!

That’s our “Team America” distress signal. xD Joel thankfully made it down safely… 1.5hrs later! LOL. Good times indeed. Here’s another piccy of Herman… At the ER… Thanks to a concussion! +_+ This was the event that had us all buy helmets! You can read my archived account of the accident here. xD

Anyway, Buzz (Herman’s cousin) had posted on Facebook that there would be an death anniversary mass for Herman at 8AM at The Holy Family Church in Artesia. My sis couldn’t make it and needed her car for work as she missed her carpool! Sucks not to have my own car! (First world problem). Still, I was resourceful 😉 and made a last-minute rental car reservation, i.e., 15 minutes before picking it up at Budget Rent-a-Car, and got to church just in time! w00t. The price for one-day rental wasn’t too bad (cheaper than a cab ride) AND the car assigned to me wasn’t too shabby either (has Bluetooth, USB, and it’s got a cute gold/metallic yellow colour. I named him Sonny :P) But I digress… After mass, Herman’s big sis, mum, and the rest of us went to Goldilocks for a Filipino breakfast buffet. LOL. We had been sustained spiritually, so naturally, it was time for some nom nom nom! I was tempted to eat the tapa, tocino, and longanisa, but stuck by my abstention from meats and selected all the available fish dishes. Hehehe. I felt kinda bad, though, since Tita Lucy had paid for everyone’s breakfast (and dessert to-go!) Ahhhh. Thanks Tita!

When we were all fed and content, the ones that didn’t need to rush back to work went to the cemetery and said “Hello!” to Herman…

March 1st 2013

Miss you bro!


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