C’est moi, Raciel!

Present Location: 33.834815°N 118.34133°W (or 36.1215° N, 115.1739° W)

Alias(es): RaDragon, Ra, Mounty, Gadgets

Date of Birth: 19 October

Place of Birth: Earth

Height: Petite dejeuner (LOL)

Weight: varies (during training: well-regulated; off-season: to be continued)

Sex: Female

Race: Human, with possible traces of Elven or Vulcan or Ewok blood

Characteristics: Double-jointed, large-arsed battle scar on right knee

Training/Special Skills: Royal flyer (clocked 343,896 hours and counting), unable to leap buildings in a single bound, propensity towards procrastination, can run 31 miles in 7 hours and in the end have a big grin on her face

Languages: Spanish (Kindergarten-level), English (fluent), Engrish (conversational), French (three phrases), German (two phrases), Arabic (three stanzas), Italian (three words), Chinese (two syllables),  Hypertext Preprocessor (one statement), BASIC (three functions), DOS (one command)

Education: I are can reads and the write my Engrish very best!

Experience: Chicago Marathon (2005), San Diego Marathons (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010),  Camp Pendleton Hard Corps Marathon (2009), Los Angeles Marathon (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), Los Angeles Monsoon Marathon (2011), Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC 2010), Backcountry 50km Ultramarathon (Las Vegas, NV 2015), James Bond Thanksgiving Marathon (SpikeTV 2006)

Awards/Commendations/Noteable Notes: Best Big Sis (2076), 3rd Place Overall Female -Lake Mead 5km (Jan 2016), Desert Dash Runner of the Week (Dec 2015), Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (2011), Surf Diva (2008, 2009), Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal’s Recognition of Ministry (2002), Planetary Society and SETI@home appreciation for data analyses (2001)

Personal Motto(s): Ex fide forts (in faith, strength/strength through faith). Mens dominatus potentia (Minds rule might). Non compos mentis (of unsound mind — lol!).

Summary (too late):
Random musings on running (trail, ultra, and road), Chelsea Football Club, triathlon, open water swimming, snowboarding, trekking/hiking, bouldering, football (soccer), food, electronic gadgets, space, and whatever catches my eye in a particular week.

last updated: 12 Jan 2016

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