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Three goals for 2014

I’m keeping it svelte for 2014 with three main goals, one of which I’m labelling optional since I have to play my fitness by ear [...]


Quick recap… details later! Nike Women’s Marathon (half distance): Course PR’d! Although, had I not walked in some parts w [...]

No races in August!

I stuck to my guns… I’m proud to say that I did not run a single race in August! I was tempted to sign up for two that I did las [...]

GGPH. Through the Years.

I’m pretty sure Jo (@castorsosae) and/or Sheryl (@Sharoool) will kill me for posting this, but since I can’t be there at the Hun [...]

Happy (Gregorian Calendar) New Year

Belated Happy New Year anyway. I generally write down my New Year Resolutions around February, but since Chinese New Year is somewhat earlie [...]

Recap: Camp Pendleton Mud Run

Race: World Famous Mud Run Date: June 11th, 2011 Start Time: 9:00AM Location: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base (Oceanside, CA) After several [...]

A Challenge & Commitments

So much for updating my journal more than twice a month! LOL. Anyway, I’ve been slacking lately and not just with posting here but wi [...]

GGPH: 2nd Annual Board Meeting

The GGPH had their second annual board meeting (LOL) last night @ Back Home in Lahaina (Hawaiian) restaurant. The minutes are as follows: [...]
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