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Three goals for 2014

I’m keeping it svelte for 2014 with three main goals, one of which I’m labelling optional since I have to play my fitness by ear towards Q4 🙂

  1. PR the Los Angeles Marathon
    I missed the boat on getting a personal best at last year’s event (after PR’ing for two consecutive years) thanks to a weak mental game. In hindsight, I was also running with a then-unknown injury, but yeah– no more mind games on the course! This year, I’m going to stay focused and will get that 5-hour finish on March! Of course, I haven’t been consistent with training (as usual), but that hasn’t really stopped me in the past… lol.
  2. Complete an Olympic/International distance Triathlon
    I think I’m really ready for them “longer” distances or at least I need to start training for distances longer than a sprint!  Sadly, I do not have a target event in mind, but I’m hoping to narrow that down once I finish the LA Marathon. It’s going to have to be a local race (Los Angeles area or even Las Vegas!) since I have to save my pennies for my April trip to Washington, DC. +_+
  3. Complete an Ultramarathon – 50km distance (optional)
    The mother-of-all goals for 2014 is also my optional goal. After becoming a first-hand witness to my sis’ 50-mile ultramarathon fail in April 2012, and then coming back a year later with her epic finish last April, I’ve become more open to the idea that I may be able to run a distance past 26.2 miles, too. I’m not going loco though and go for the 50 mile gold, but am taking baby steps with a 50km (about 31 miles). Still, it’ll be an arduous task (mentally & physically) and will involve me sticking to my training commitment. Considering I’m struggling with my marathon training, I’m really going to have to shed that, “I don’t feel like going out for my training run” routine I do every-so-often +_+ Like Goal #2, I do not have an event narrowed down yet, but am definitely looking to run the 50km race during late Q3 or around Q4. Maybe my ultra-running sis can be there with me on my first ultra event (just as she was there for my first trail run?) 🙂 Anyway, I’ve had my taste of trail racing three times last year (25k, 21k, 10k) and will deffo have to run more trails in 2014 but overall, I loved every minute of running on trails… after the fact xD
  4. Run a marathon with my GGPH
    Ok, I lied… I have a 4th goal for 2014. That is, run a marathon together with my GGPH ladies! That means you, Blanche and DOROTHY. 2014 is the year for you to redeem your original time, Sharoool, and it’s time for me to collect on that deal, Jo. 😉 Pick the event — California International Marathon, perhaps?


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