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GGPH: 2nd Annual Board Meeting

The GGPH had their second annual board meeting (LOL) last night @ Back Home in Lahaina (Hawaiian) restaurant. The minutes are as follows:

Jo opening pressie

Jo opening pressie

Jo notices photo on card

Jo notices recipes

Jo is amused by photo

Jo is amused by photo

Char Sui BBQ Pork

Char Sui BBQ Pork

I. Introduction
a. Sheryl reintroduces Peter
b. Peter to shakes Jo’s hand
c. Raciel arrives late in her “Frodo” shoes

II. Pressie Presentation

a. Raciel passes gift card under table
b. Sheryl takes gift card and passes cash
c. Raciel and Sheryl give gift card to Jo Nisha separately
d. Jo Nisha finds cards awesome.

III. Nom nom nom

a. Sheryl and Peter sweetie-sweetie feed themselves off each others’ plates
b. Jo Nisha and Raciel engorge themselves in their meal
c. Raciel gets headrush having too much horseradish dip with her wontons

IV. Reality TV discussion

a. Real Housewives of OC
i. Love Vicki
ii. Hate Tamra
iii. Really miss Jeanna and Lauri

b. Bad Girls’ Club
i. Raciel doesn’t watch this
ii. Discussion becomes animated between Sheryl, Peter, and Jo

c. Pretty Wild
i. Raciel mentions drop of 10 IQ points after watching 30 minutes of it
ii. Sheryl and Jo agree (about stupid show)
iii. Peter is lost.

V. Annual (fake) Botox Photo sessions

VI. Adjournment

p.s., It was fun hanging out with you gals (and Peter) again! ^_^

Until our next board meeting! 🙂

Addendum to Minutes
1. Jo Nisha threw down the gauntlet towards Raciel after Sheryl and Raciel’s repeated attempts at recruiting her to do a marathon (the LA Marathon) with them. Provision: When Raciel runs a half-marathon in her Frodo (aka Vibram Five Fingers) shoes, Jo Nisha will do a marathon.
2. Sheryl and Peter (mostly Sheryl) had a heated debate about the people in New York vs. California. Summary: Sheryl thinks people in NY think they’re all that.
3. Tipping: Mandatory or based on service? Peter and Raciel agree to tipping 20% (or double the tax) whilst Sheryl and Jo Nisha were adamant about tipping according to service. FYI: We tipped our server well that evening.

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