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Brick Training: 16mi bike, 2mi run

First off, this is my first evar brick workout training! wOOt!

That being said, planned distance was 20 miles bike and 3 mi run… As you can see, we didn’t exactly do that distance but it’s all good! What happened in the beginning was somewhat of a comedy of errors — my sis and I purposely didn’t join the first group (advanced cyclists = 30+ miles) as they sped off after introductions were made. Instead, we opted for the beginners route and even then, sis ended up staying behind cos she was freaking out (she couldn’t even mount my hand-me-down mountain bike! LOL!) So I went ahead with another group of ladies for our ride.

We hadn’t even gone to the path when we already lost one girl in our group due to a flat tyre! LOL. She walked back to the store (we all met up in Tri-Zone,  btw, pretty neat store and super friendly owners!) as the rest of us continued.

There was a bit of a mix up so 2 riders went north and the remaining (myself included) rode south. Later, the 2 that went north caught up with us and joined us until we had to turn around cos we ran out of path (well, we didn’t but I didn’t want to cross the road!) so 4 of us (the 2 original ‘Northerners’) went back north. LOL.

Did I also mention that I was using a man’s bike? It’s Patrick’s bike (a friend of Minel’s) and it was rather big that I had to tippy-toe so that my crotch doesn’t hit the top tube when standing. >_< Also, I didn’t really know how to use it, so I stayed in one gear most of the ride; until, that is, I figured out how to switch to a larger gear (left hand). Even then, I was unable to compensate to the corresponding cog (right hand). AHHHH. I think I have to get this bike maintained by someone, until sisy gets her own bike, anyway. I did notice that I rode waaaay faster on this cool road bike — compared to my mountain bike. I was easily going 13mph without much effort and despite the gears! The handlebars were uncomfy though and were made for larger hands. 🙁

I’m happy to report that I didn’t eat any bugs but ended up having a couple gnats stuck to my face (thanks to my sunscreen!)

The run was an easy loop. We passed through stables, though (WTH!?) and got a whiff of horse manure. LOL.

Overall, not a bad workout and am excited about this new sport!

Garmin Forerunner 201: cycle | run
Garmin Forerunner 50: cycle* | run

*since sisy borrowed my ‘regular’ bike, I was unable to record my cadence via Garmin. I did get my HR, though.

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