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Zero week. Earth Hour.

Zero week nearly complete. I literally did nothing during this recovery period, though I was planning on doing a 3-mile walk/run  yesterday but scrapped that. LOL. This weekend, I’m contemplating on whether I should do my scheduled 14-mile run or attend Long Beach Tri club’s brick workout –it’ll be my first ever “brick” workout if I attend and I’ll definitely be doing the “beginner” course: 20-mile bike ride, 3-mile run. Still considering attending the mixer in the evening, too (Sunday) but that means I have to leave early to make Palm Sunday mass in the evening…

In other news, Earth Hour is nearly upon us! You can get more information here, on how to participate. It’s not really that complicated to participate, either! Just pledge to turn off all your lights in your home (and electronics, if you want!) for ONE hour (8:30PM – 9:30PM your local time). That’s it! The very act itself is symbolic and yet makes a statement about your concern for our planet. 🙂 Did I mention that some of the popular landmarks around the world are turning out for Earth Hour, too? Anyway, make your pledge here ( and don’t forget to turn off ALL your lights tomorrow evening. ^_^

p.s., I participated last year (my first time) and I had fun with my green laser; hahaha. It was neat. Check it out: here.

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