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I’ve shifted to pure running and incorporated more cross-training sort of activities, such as swimming, cycling and (once in a Blue-moon) football (soccer). This is a way for me to keep track of what I’ve done (or haven’t) prior to a race!

My Year in Sport. Thanks Strava!

This the second year that — I’ve noticed anyway — Strava has released a cool recap video of my year’s worth of train [...]

Workout: SwimLV – T20 Time Trials!

[strava id=”496792212″] This is what happens when you jump back into swimming, after a very brief hiatus, and the first day back [...]

Hike to Hidden Peak

This year, I wanted to incorporate more non-traditional cross-training options. At least non-traditional for me since I tend to stick to the [...]

Training Setbacks

I haven’t done this in a while… posted something other than an Instagram image! I suppose I felt compelled to vent about my cur [...]

Squat Challenge

Who wants to do it? The challenge: squats according to the timetable below. The prize: Fabulous buns and amazing quads. LOL. Jo? Sharooool? [...]

Running, Fundraising, and Pampering

It was a wonderful weekend. Despite my mini-anxiety on Friday with regards to my 20mi run, I ended up completing that distance — albei [...]

Weekend… I workout!

Second weekend-in-a-row that I’m posting a workout record, and it happens to be on the same day that I’m posting it! đŸ™‚  Mayb [...]

An Off (Mon)day

I haven’t posted this in a while… a workout record! Lately (i.e., for the past couple of years), I’ve been posting to Dail [...]

Mount Diablo and Blue is the colour!

I have to admit, when I read the sub-text of today’s chapter, the first thing that came to mind was the game Diablo, and Diablo II tha [...]

Ash Saturday & Allies

I made the mistake of not reading the reflection for today’s Lenten journey before my training run — it would have been nice to [...]

Will not count myself out!

Last weekend, I ran the most mileage I have done in a while: 20 miles. I divided the workout into two segments, a 15-miler on hills and unsh [...]
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