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Hike to Hidden Peak

This year, I wanted to incorporate more non-traditional cross-training options. At least non-traditional for me since I tend to stick to the swim, bike, run routine. Anyway, late last year I found that I enjoyed hiking! LOL, I’ve only done 5 or 6 hikes in the past six months and three of them were quite strenuous enough to warrant it being called a “workout” 🙂

The hike to the Hidden Peak summit was my longest yet. Technically within the confines of the Red Rock Canyon NRA in Nevada (36.04483°N / 115.47223°), the elevation at the peak was around 6,300ft; since our group went the back way, we went through areas where the elevation was closer to 6,500ft. Because of this approach, our total elevation climb was 2,130ft.

I knew it would be a cold and overcast morning so I layered up. What I didn’t see was the update from the group leader saying that it would rain later that afternoon! Thankfully, we had finished our hike by the time it really began to pour. The actual temps ended up being between 35°F and 50°F, but with the wind chill and being at elevation, um, it was definitely coooold. xD

The trail itself was gorgeous! I kept saying, “amazing” each time I looked up to take in the view (and a breather!) The photos attached here don’t even come close to how it looked IRL. 🙂

The trail’s terrain varied, too. We were on gravel, dirt (naturally, pun intended! haha), snow! and we scrambled on sandstone. Scrambling was a requisite as there was no other way to reach the summit.

At the summit of these hikes, you’re “awarded” a card which has the peak’s name and elevation info. This was something the group liked to do and isn’t really part of the hiking tradition. Yes, these are playing cards and to complete the deck, you’d have to climb 52 select summits in Southern Nevada. I’ve already got 3 of these and I have 49 more to go. Challenge accepted and in progress! 🙂

Along the way, I chatted with this lady (who I carpooled with) and we began to exchange stories. She is quite the badass! She and her husband retired in Las Vegas after having lived in several States and living/visiting different countries (he was in the Army — a pilot). She had a slight speech impediment which I thought was just part of her unique Asian-Tennessee accent (if you’ve never heard of an Asian with a Memphis accent, go find one LOL). As we continued to hike, I found out she had only 25% hearing! WHAAAAAT. She shared how she had been deaf since getting an ear infection in her childhood and back then, surgery wasn’t as precise and the doctor screwed up her ear drums +_+ She never let it slow her down, though, and amongst her accomplishments were several ultra-distance races… Read: 50-milers! Didn’t I tell you she was badass? Not that it matters, but she was a petite 4’10” (or thereabouts), too!  I didn’t dare ask her age, but I have a feeling she’s just a decade older than me — 50 or 51; her appearance in Anglo years would probably be 40 lol. Anyway, she was so sweet and made sure I made it up all the climbs; she even loaned me one of her trekking poles which I didn’t think I would need but it totally helped in some of the steeper areas.

I definitely got a great (full body + cardio) workout from it and will go as much as my work & training schedule permits. I’ll lay off the hikes that have more scrambling especially the ones with a LOT of exposure… Until after my long course (Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz) race anyway!

Gear (listed here for my future reference lol)

Barely There sports bra

Nike PRO hoodie
Columbia Mighty Lite III Omni Heat Vest
lululemon Swiftly tech short sleeve
generic polyester leggings
Marmot women’s Taylor trousers

Injinji Compression 2.0 OTC socks

Salomon Women’s Comet 3D Lady GTX Hiking Boot (total mileage: 8.5mi)

Nuun trucker cap
generic prescription glasses
Nathan Intensity hydration pack

Forerunner 910xt
Polar Loop
iPhone 4s
GoPro Hero 3+
Selfie stick

Nuun Energy electrolyte (Cherry Limeade)
Clif Shot Gel (Chocolate Cherry)
Kind Plus Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants

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