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Mount Diablo and Blue is the colour!

I have to admit, when I read the sub-text of today’s chapter, the first thing that came to mind was the game Diablo, and Diablo II that I used to play with my then-8-year old brother. LOL. Not a good thought to start one’s reflective moment.

Anyway, onto the first Sunday of Lent. I hope I don’t get into (too much) trouble by quoting parts of this book I am using for this Lenten journey. The excerpt below struck me again, but this time, on more of a secular sense. It reminded me of football (soccer) and the rivalry between my club (Chelsea) and the Mancs (Man U)… You will see why:

Blue [was the colour] that was prominent in the ancient world as a safeguard against demons and evil. Doors and window frames of homes were painted blue. Men as well as women used blue eye shadow, particularly in ancient Egypt, not for beauty but for protection. Blue ribbons or blue articles of clothing were worn as a [defence]– that’s the reason why baby boys traditionally have been dressed in blue: to protect them from the devil.

Blue, then, is the great antidote [colour] for evil, and it’s also a good, vibrant [colour] to awaken you to the new Lent.1

Clearly I’m not focused enough when I do my Lenten reflections but I’m really doing my best. ^_^I’ve too much footy on my brain, or at least if someone mentions the colour Blue! LOL. But yeah, Chelsea’s “new” nickname (at least for the past few decades) is The Blues and Manchester United were the “Red Devils.” How appropriate that my club wards off evil 😛 OK, I’m definitely off on a tangent! This is a lot more difficult that I had imagined. >_<

Back to the Lenten reflection! Here’s today’s challenge:

Can I be tempted to spend this Lent as an overprotected, pious personal  exercise in spiritual growth — and so fail to bring about the reign of God in myself and in my world?

1 page 25 – Hays, E. M. (1995). The Ascent of the Mountain of God: Daily Reflections for the Journey of Lent. Leavenworth: Forest of Peace Publishing, Inc.

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