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Will not count myself out!

Last weekend, I ran the most mileage I have done in a while: 20 miles. I divided the workout into two segments, a 15-miler on hills and unshod (i.e., wearing my VFF) on Saturday morning, then a 5-miler in shoes the next day. For both workouts, I did not do my regular 5/1 walk-run interval. Instead, I ran as much and as long as my legs could take me — carefully though, as I kept the pace between 11 min/mile to 12:30 min/mile. The result was a great workout on Saturday (albeit towards the end, the fatigue was really setting in) and not a bad workout on Sunday. The “aggressive” timing of this run was sorely (pun intended!) needed since I have missed quite a bit of my training runs, especially with the LA Leggers!

Whilst running, I was left to my thoughts (I forget to bring my iPod!) and my mind wandered on whether I would be able to finish the LA Marathon with a PR (or if to finish at all!) and if Team Herman 2012 will be able to reach our fundraising goal. Then I started creating scenarios in my head on how well I might do given the weather and other circumstances, like my fitness-level come March 18th. I’ve finished a marathon in worst conditions before so I was close to resolving myself to a 6-hour-plus finish time; I mean, I don’t really deserve to PR since I have not put in all the work needed to achieve a personal best.

So despite having the endorphin-high on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, there was still a nagging thought in my mind that my 2012 LA Marathon experience will suck monkey balls. LOL.

Fast forward to this afternoon, after (my late) lunch, I do my customary scan of  Twitter feeds and found a renewed confidence and that I might have a great LA experience after all.

The quote below is from a blog post by Kara Goucher, an elite marathon runner and 2012 US Olympic Team member. She’s gone through more challenges than I have but was still able to achieve her goal:

This experience reminded me that you need to keep faith in yourself.  Sometimes things don’t go as you hope, but you can still get the most out of the situation.  I entered the trials behind in my fitness, but I was still able to get a coveted spot to London. Never count yourself out, you never know what you can do.  Happy training!

I know I won’t be breaking records on that third Sunday of March (I’m realistic, after all ;)) but I also know that I’m in waaay better shape than I was compared to the past three years. As long as I really stick to my training (though I won’t be careless and over-train!), come race day I’ll just take it for what it is… death. LOL j/k. I’ll be prepared for whatever race day brings — PR or not, I’ll focus on what really matters: raising funds for the cause I support and taking in the experience, as if it were my first marathon.

Advance happy hearts (Valentines’) day to all!  <3

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