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My Fourth Marathon Experience

It's Monday; I slept around 8:30PM last night and got up around 7:30AM this morning. Legs still sore, upper back still sore but my spirits were high because I had a french dip sarnie with chips this morning! LMAO. I was really hungry; what can I say. It didn't last, though as after brekkers, I checked the computer for my official marathon results. As you can see, I finished a dismal 7 hours, 1 minute and 6 seconds. Pah.

I think I need to have a permanent section for "What Went Wrong" — here are my thoughts:

1. I didn't train; How bad was it this year? Well, if you look back at my running logs, you'll only find 5 entries prior to this San Diego marathon. That's 5 days that I actually went outside to run some sort of distance. That's quite pitiful and sad.

2. …

That's pretty much it. I didn't train. I didn't take my preparation seriously this year and rightly suffered for it. LOL during the run, I was texting people (and tweeting) that I needed a slap across my face if I decide to run a marathon *without training*.

If you want to see my pathetic finish in video, check it out:

After the advert plays, and after the video fully loads, forward until you see the marathon clock count up to 7:13:28, you'll see me, in my bright "celery" shirt, white hat, and black shorts, pitifully crossing the line and then having enough strength to lift my arms; thanking the Lord that it wasn't a DNF ("Did Not Finish") LOL!

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