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Weekend… I workout!

Second weekend-in-a-row that I’m posting a workout record, and it happens to be on the same day that I’m posting it! 🙂  Maybe I’ll make this a habit — both posting here and actually training! Hehe. But, I digress… Last weekend was jam packed with training… for a change!

I was able to attend my 2nd Leggers run of the season (there have been 4, I believe, and I missed the second and third meet-ups!) where I ran with the 11.5 Pace Group and rather enjoyed the 5 miler. We had a run/walk interval of 5:1 and I was able to keep up. Then again, that was only 5 miles… Let’s see how I fare with the longer distances. Oh, average pace according to Garmin: 11:28 min/mile; talk about spot on!  🙂

Because I attended the Leggers training (read: run begins at 7:30 AM in Santa Monica), I was home by 9AM and had quite a bit of an endorphin-high that my sis likened me to a bouncing ball. xD I honestly didn’t know what to do with my time — when I don’t run with the Leggers, we tend to head out for our training run around 9AM and here I was all done. Still, sisy had a wonderful suggestion…

*Don’t remember what I was going to say now! LOL I’m continuing this post on the 7th of October, and back-printing it since I had already written summat last Sept. anyway*


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