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Still alive, and kicking…

Apologies for the lack of updates. Things have been slightly mad since my last post. Let’s just say we have a new addition to the family (LOL, not *that* kind of addition…) Anyway, onto the updates:

I thought I’d be able to veg out the entire month of July but it wasn’t so (thankfully!). I did sign up (last minute) for the Village Runner 5k (on Independence Day) despite knowing that I would be slightly out-of-fitness (albeit had been running more than I had been compared to the past years). There was no PR but it was enough to get me back into being a bit more consistent, and back to running at least twice — if not three times — a week.

Ended up doing less (run) mileage than July! LOL I think my focus was the swim portion of the triathlon, so I had more experience in the open water this year (joining a group that swam at Redondo Beach every Sunday morning). I had my “biggest” race in September (which was the classic/sprint distance of the Malibu Triathlon) so I needed to be comfortable in the swim. In hindsight, I probably should have trained more with the bike (especially climbing) but more on that in a bit. Towards the end of the month, I helped move more of my parents’ stuff out of my sister’s house (because of said addition). As I type this now (October), there’s still a CRAPLOAD of their things at her house! LOL. Oh, I was able to get a free entry into the Jet to Jetty 10k run and wait for it… finally ran a sub-60 minute 10k! New PR is 55:58! Better than I thought I’d be capable of doing at that time. Pushing for sub-55 next year… That’s if I can remain consistent with running!

The Malibu Tri was a pleasant experience — for me, anyway. My oldest sis crashed in the bike 🙁 and my other sis (also older than me), cramped up in the run. Needless to say, this little sis “won” the Sister Challenge by finishing ahead of both… This meant I had time to go into transition, get my camera, and cheer on my two amazing sisters as they crossed the finish line 🙂 I might eventually write race recaps again, especially since I need to write down some little things I could improve upon the next time I do this race… Which will probably not be ’til 2015 unless I do the international distance one next year, which would count as my first Oly tri! Can you tell I’m just typing words without fully comprehending what I’m thinking/saying right now? xD

I registered for the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon! It’ll be my 13th marathon ever, and 5th consecutive LA Marathon. I may or may not raise funds for Team Herman again, but I will make a donation in Herman’s memory. Hermosa Beach Tri went without a hitch and I’m pretty glad about my PR! YESH. PR baby! LOL. Even with the PR, I made some mistakes which I noted in my segmented race report on Daily Mile (Swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run). I may eventually compile that into one blog post. Hehehe.

Tomorroz I will be running a “training” race — I’m not that comfortable going into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon next week, and I couldn’t motivate myself enough to get up for just a “regular” training run so doing a race tomorroz will allay some of my worries. Goal is to finish strong without worrying about time. I really just need to run a distance longer than 6 miles. xD

I’ve been visiting my parents more often since they’ve retired to Las Vegas, NV last year; spending about two weeks at a time just hanging out and observing their daily routine. LOL. I’m blessed to be able to work remotely, though am having trouble doing my training when I’m here (weather issues)! I miss my weekly runs with my friends, but have finally motivated my dad to accompany me during my midweek runs. Next goal, get mum to join us. 🙂 I have also been cooking more whilst here and both parental units (plus little bro, who’s here for school — UNLV) are appreciative. Their house is *still* filled with boxes from their move (3 continents = LOADS of stuff), so that’s also one of my goals whilst here (other than enjoying their company, of course ^_^).

Hoping to start logging my race reports again, especially for my little brother’s first half marathon this November! I leave you now with a piccy of me and my sisters, at the finish line of the Malibu Tri! Have a wonderful Autumn!

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