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Mini Review of Amazon Fresh

I’ve been wanting to try out grocery delivery for a while. Mostly for the convenience, but really cos I’m lazy at times to leave the house and pick up something mundane, yet essential, like milk. 🙂 Also, I don’t have a vehicle to use during the week so I’m limited to the amount of groceries I can carry back home. I’ve looked at Vons (Safeway) grocery delivery service and the FAQs alone made me dizzy.

Enter Amazon Fresh. I was excited to find out that they have expanded their test markets to parts of Los Angeles. As a happy Amazon Prime user (been a subscriber for nearly 7 years!) I thought that this new service was promising. However, in this instance, I was not about to be an early adopter… Enter @LTSurf and her review of the service. After reading her experience, I was sold.

I placed my order within hours of reading Lindsay’s review. I added the “mundane” items to my cart and purposely selected items that would require different needs as far as refrigeration/freezing, food versus non-food items, etc. I also wanted to try out one of the featured stores they had listed but that meant waiting another day for my groceries to arrive and I really really need my milk! I skipped that item for now (Green tea matcha powder!) and checked out with my Amazon Prime account. At the checkout screen, they tempted me with additional stuff to add to my cart and I fell for it. I added a lemon to my basket, and finally completed the transaction. On the immediate screen, whilst viewing my receipt, they tempted me even more with other stuff I can add after the fact (yet it would be included in that delivery), so I added a pack of grape tomatoes… AHHH. Issit an impulse buy if I was going to use it anyway?  ^x^

My delivery window was pre-dawn. I wasn’t waiting by the door when the groceries arrived, but there they were before 7AM, as promised (Side note: my sis left for the gym around 6:30AM today and the bags were at the doorstep.)

Amazon Fresh's packaging materials: reusable bag, styrofoam box

Amazon Fresh’s packaging materials: reusable bag, styrofoam box

As mentioned in Lindsay’s review, they used Dasani water bottles (which you get to keep after) as their ice packs, and then dry ice for the frozen goods. I was pleased to see that the Meyer’s toilet bowl cleaner I ordered was bagged separately, though packed in the same container as the red potatoes and my impulse buy grape tomatoes (also in their own bags, made of 30% recycled materials; according to the label lol). My ice-cream (om nom nom) was not rock-solid frozen, but was still at a consistency that would be regarded as, er, frozen. The whole wheat pita bread (hiding under the ice-cream) was not frozen either.

Items that needed refrigeration had frozen bottled water. Frozen items had dry ice.

Items that needed refrigeration had frozen bottled water. Frozen items had dry ice.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my first order. Amazon Fresh gives you about 90 days of free service before they change your subscription from Amazon Prime to Prime Fresh (you still retain your Prime benefits, but with the added convenience of fresh grocery delivery). I’m not sure yet if I want to continue with this and will deffo look at the numbers before the trial period ends. Annual cost is $299 (again, this will include the Prime benefits)

I leave you now with additional notes about the service…

  • There was no packing slip, which I thought was odd, but I suppose I’m still in the mindset as receiving “regular” packages.
  • *Each* item is bagged separately. Kind of wasteful, but I can see how they do not want to have cross-contamination between products. I guess I can use these bags as rubbish liners, too. 🙂
  • Minimum order was $35. This isn’t bad compared to VONS’ $49 minimum amount.
  • No delivery fees or fuel surcharges, annual fee of $299 for Prime Fresh membership. VONS has the following delivery fee structure below:

    Regular home delivery rates in most areas are $9.95 on purchases of $150 or more (excluding applicable tax, delivery fee, fuel surcharge, bottle deposits and bag fees where applicable) and $12.95 on purchases under $150 (excluding applicable tax, delivery fee, fuel surcharge, bottle deposits and bag fees where applicable). A fuel surcharge may apply. The surcharge will be listed on your final receipt and is equal to 10¢ for every 10¢ increase gas prices above $2.75 per gallon. If you qualify for Free Delivery, there is no fuel surcharge. Bag fees where applicable may also apply. Business delivery fees are described below. There are also ways to get FREE or discounted delivery. Please refer to the “How do I get free or discounted delivery?” question for ways to save.’

  • Two delivery receiving options: Doorstep Delivery (3 hr window, they leave your groceries at the door) or Attended Delivery (1 hour window and orders with Alcohol). VONS requires a person to receive the order, but drivers do not expect, nor accept tips.
  • Coupons! Don’t know if you can use them on Amazon Fresh or VONS, but I do know that you still earn grocery points if you shop via VONS online.

Thanks once more to Lindsay/@LTSurf for her review 🙂

p.s., to the curious, here was my shopping list:

Columbus Meats, Sliced Pepperoni, 5 [email protected]
Organic Valley, Extra Large Brown Eggs, Organic, 1 [email protected]
Organic Valley, Skim Milk Stringles, Organic, 6 [email protected]
Mann’s French Beans, 8 oz [email protected]
Organic Valley, Reduced Fat 2% Pasteurized Milk, Organic, Half [email protected]
Lemon, Organic, 1 Lemon (California)@0.89ea

Western Bagel, Pita Wheat, 6 [email protected]
Dreyer’s, Slow Churned Light Rocky Road Ice Cream, 1.5 qt (Frozen)@3.00ea

pantry & household
Red Potatoes, Organic, 2 lb Package (United States or Canada)@3.98ea
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Lavender, 32 [email protected]
Grape Cherry Tomatoes, Organic, 1 Pint (Mexico)@3.99ea


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