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Bouldering, & races that are piling up

…but not really! Well, sort of.

I just ran a 5k race last night (yes, my first midweek race; in the evening, even!) and I’m just adding that onto my schedule on my sidebar. Then I have to go to Athlinks and add that race (so it can be included in my Results archive). Which means I have another race report that I need to write! LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing race reports, in fact, I need to write them down for posterity (and mostly for my reference), but now I have to finish writing the Redondo Beach Tri report, and start penning the Seattle 1/2 report before I move on to my 5K report. Did I mention I have a 10k in about a fortnight? If I can get these reports done by then, I’ll be squared away… 😀

In other news, PALA week 3 is going well! This week, I did a combination of climbing (indoor bouldering at the Hangar 18 gym in Hawthorne, CA) and running (yesh! Other than my 5k, I did a Tuesday run. :)). I think I might have overdone it, though because by Wednesday evening (hours after only a 30-minute indoor climbing session) I was so pooped and was sore all over! My body, I think, was letting me know to slow down and take it easy; not that I heeded its call, though (see: 5k race above). Still, I gave myself a much needed Epsom salt soak a few hours before the race and I was somewhat fresh by 6:15PM ready to (not) get a personal best 😛

But on that soreness note, I’m pondering whether I should skip the climbing sesh today and just do something nice and slow, like the P90x Stretching video. Hmmm… *ponder*

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

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