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Weekend Training (28 Aug)

Saturday (August 28th)
Long run; 9mi. Walk 2mi. Gear used: VFF, compression calf sleeves, Amphipod belt. I guess my body was still recovering from whatever I had on Wednesday because I felt rather fatigued in the beginning of this run (and at the tail end). Then again, it could just be the mileage! This is the furthest I’ve gone wearing Vibram Five Fingers and so far, so good (except for getting tired, rather than feeling energized with my previous runs). Then again, I also hardly stop now (i.e., don’t do my regular run-walk intervals) so that could be it, too! LOL. So, let’s review this again: beginning of run, tired; mid-run, fine; end of run, tired. Yep, that makes loads of sense.

Sunday (August 29th)
Strength Training, 38 mins. Skipped the bike training ride and did some resistance training instead. Worked with 12lbs weights and did not finish the P90x Shoulders and Arms video! I need lighter dumbbells >_<

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