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This is mostly about my fantastic (mostly unhealthy) meals. Look for easy recipes here and there, though!

So far so good.

(What is Bryan Adams’ album title from 1993) 😉 Since the New Year (minus a few days of indulging in some junk food), I’ve bee [...]

Active Body Challenge

I’m in week 2 of the “South Bay Active Body Challenge” (an 8-week Healthy Eating & Lifestyle programme) and so far, I [...]

A Running Reality Check

Only 25 days to go until the Los Angeles Marathon and I know for a fact that I will NOT be able to get a marathon personal best… I wil [...]

Sally Melt and Tomato Corn Soup

I ran out of food again and when it was time to eat, I had to put something together that was relatively quick and easy. It’s not as h [...]

1st sports massage; Weekend (food) recap

I had my first “Sports massage” last night. I thought I had a sports massage before but it turned out, the previous ones were ju [...]

Swim Training (1000m Wed; 450m Fri)

I went to do my lunchtime workout on Wednesday — 1000m swim! I was particularly encouraged to workout by my “new” virtual [...]

Weekend (food) recap.

I haven’t done this in a while and I think I really need to post these weekly food updates to keep track of my nutrition. I’m go [...]

ThinkGeek’s WoAH. Brisket Sarnie.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning (upon checking the Tweets on my feed [or issit feeds on my tweets?]) that my fav geeky s [...]

Weekend (food) recap.

The weekend isn’t over and I feel like– nay, am compelled to share my fall from nutritional grace once more >_< It’s [...]

Spinach Tuna Wrap

The season of Lent was the inspiration for this wrap. I’m sure there are better recipes out there (and I haven’t Google’d [...]

Weekend (food) Recap!

Okie, so I mentioned before that I don’t normally do recaps of what I ate, but felt compelled to do so since I fell of the healthy eat [...]
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