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A Running Reality Check

Only 25 days to go until the Los Angeles Marathon and I know for a fact that I will NOT be able to get a marathon personal best… I will, however, push to get my course personal best (which is anything under 7 hours). LMFAO

Spotty training is to blame and I have to say, it feels like 2008 again where I totally skimped on training and totally suffered as a result during the San Diego Marathon. Ugh. Bring on the pain. >_<

Anyway, I suppose I need to post here more often, even if it’s just about what I did for the day. I noticed that the more I updated my journal, the more I was inclined to go out for a run… Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself this afternoon.

I have also finally put my racing timetable together! YAY. With the Kaiser SF half marathon done and dusted (race report to follow!), and the pending LA Marathon fast approaching, I don’t think I’m going to do any more full marathons this year. It takes too much of a toll on one’s body, plus I really want to get into triathlons more. That, or if I find a nice (affordable) mid-year marathon, I’m going for it. ^_^

Oh, I’m so looking forward to the Miami half-marathon in December! w00t! I’ve never been to Miami and totally am psyched for it. Of course, if I survive Los Angeles, Miami will be part of my training for the 2012 LA Marathon! LOL

I leave you now with what I had for brekkers… Mmmm… Chocolate donut twist.

Chocolate twist doughnut

Chocolate twist doughnut

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