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2010 Perspective on New Years’ Eve

Happy eve of the New Year!

Though the previous months don’t reflect it, I feel like I haven’t been posting on this journal as much in 2010. Still, I think today is the best time to look back and see how this year fared…

As far as goals and supposed-Personal Records go, I definitely fell short of it this year: the big PR goals anyway for half-marathon and marathons. Surprisingly, I PR’d my 5k and 10k races so perhaps it’s a limit of 2 records a year?

Perspective: There’s literally next year to accomplish my half-marathon and marathon goals and what I’m most thankful for is, I get to continue the training (i.e., am not permanently or temporarily injured to keep on running). Of course, I just have to be smart doing so, but the bottom line is: I can still run.

I won’t lie; 2010 has been the tightest of all the years (even after that mess called the dot-com bust) but I’m forever grateful to my family that keep me afloat.

Perspective: Aside from family, it’s also obviously up to me to make what I can; perhaps in 2011 I will be more proactive with finally learning the programming languages I’ve just planned on learning. More action, I suppose; less planning!

The Greeks have different “definitions” of love, but the three most distinguishable are Philia, Eros, and Agape.

Perspective: Though I’m far from feeling or even longing for Eros? (Haven’t really grown up… but am broadening my horizons, as they say), I’m rather confident in having “dispassionate and virtuous love” for my family and friends — they really mean the world to me. As our former-parish Priest goes, agape or pure love, is one that you can only achieve by loving one’s soul through acceptance of God in their hearts… I kind of lost my way this year but going back to church and humbling myself before God is truly, er, humbling. Without sounding too philosophical, cliché, or corny… Love truly makes the world go round and I’m (sort of) getting a handle of the two types. Perhaps next year, I can open up for the third, though I know you can’t really just plan for these kind of things!

It’s ironic because I was going to type something here like, I feel invincible cos I haven’t gotten sick in over a year, and then a few days ago it hit me; literally. I got that niggly feeling in my throat and then voilà; fell ill.

Perspective: Though the 48hr bug is over and I feel loads better after some chicken soup, Strepsils and NyQuil, I can’t help but think of my close and good friend, Herman, who has Pancreatic cancer. I’ve never been one to do fundraisers but I guess this one’s different. You can read more about his “less publicised” disease and a way to donate (even just $10) to the cause: http://PanCAN.kintera.org/sfwalk2011/radragon

Anyway, that leads me to my final note (as I gotta get ready for tonight’s festivities!)

No matter how difficult 2010 got, or how much fun I had, I’m glad that I got to do so, either way. To quote good ol’ Honest Abe: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Here’s to the next year, or even if just the next day!


Don’t drink and drive. 😉


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