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Stars, bananas, footprint and 4,645 calories

…aka my Workout Mashup!

Tuesday, 14 December: 3mi scheduled; 3mi completed. Small star!

Surprisingly did well during this midweek unshod run considering the IT band scare I had last weekend. I was on the side of caution as I went around the park, though and made sure that my knees and right IT band were supported (using KT Tape).  .5mi warm-up, 2mi pace(ish), .5mi cool-down. Average pace: 12:35 min/mile. Average HR 161 bpm. Max HR 184 bpm. Calories consumed: 1,352

Wednesday, 15 December: 6mi scheduled; skipped workout. Banana >_<

I’ve decided that I’m slapping banana stickers on my calendar for the days when I miss a workout/run. Why a banana? Because you “slip” if you step on one 😉 Hehehe.. get it? That, and I didn’t really have any other stickers that would represent FAIL. Calories consumed: 1,902 O_o

Thursday, 16 December. 3mi scheduled; 4.21mi unshod completed. Footprint sticker. 🙂

Felt guilty that I missed my 6-miler that I really wanted to run it on Thursday but ended up with only 4 miles because it got too dark. 🙁 Warmed up for 1mi, then went to 10:30 min/mile pace for another and the remaining 2 miles were done at an easy effort. Anyway, footprint sticker because, er, I didn’t think it warranted a star. Average pace: 11:54 min/mile. Average HR 166 bpm. Max HR 182 bpm. Calories consumed:  1,892

Saturday, 18 December. 12mi scheduled; 12mi unshod completed! Big star!

Holyrunningintherainbatman! Forecast said “light rain” and light it was in the Redondo Beach area. By the time I got to the Hermosa Beach strand, it was pouring! I thought I was bad-ass running in the rain, but then I came across others who were also running AND wore spring running clothes! WTH. I was nice and warm, though, wearing compression tights, a running skirt, long-sleeved compression shirt, a cap and rain jacket to boot! Took this run very easy and planned to keep my HR under 145 bpm but ended up having a higher average heart rate. I also walked at every mile “marker” so I felt no tweaks with my knee or legs or IT band throughout. Nice big star sticker slapped on Saturday. ^_^  Average pace: 14:14 min/mile. Average HR 160 bpm. Max HR 175 bpm. Calories consumed: 2,196!

Sunday, 19 December. Cross-Training scheduled. No activity. Peeled banana sticker. 🙁

Well, I was still very sore (mostly my calf muscles) from my long unshod run that I decided to rest instead… Rest and eat, actually. Calories consumed: 2,449* ACK.

*1,964 calories were from one meal at my friend’s Christmas party. I really have to balance the workouts this coming week as I continue this festive eating.

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