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Four down, two to go!

I’m four weeks into the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge and am two weeks away from fulfilling the 6-week requirement. Just look at the pretty yellow stars below… 😀


Of course, the challenge is 8 weeks long and I plan to complete all eight, but it’s rather nice to know that I’m so close to the milestone! And to think, four weeks ago, I hardly worked out! 🙂 Then again, I have not really been doing well with my run and triathlon training! LOL I’ve mostly been doing some indoor cardio such as P90x and my new favourite, bouldering (rock climbing) at Hangar 18 (got a Groupon a while back for a discounted 1-month membership!)

Tomorroz (or perhaps on Sunday!) I really do plan to run my, er, long run training for Nike Women’s (half) Marathon. Scheduled is about 7 miles (I think!) Then next week, I’m going to start cramming my swim and bike training! LOL

I leave you now with what I had for dessert the other night… Warm Coconut Doughnut from this Asian fusion restaurant called Rock Sugar. It was sooooo good. It even had a passion fruit syrup dip! Mmmm…

Warm Coconut Doughnut

Warm Coconut Doughnut

Have a wonderful weekend!

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