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Week 5, a 10K PR, and NWM training update

I’m holding up pretty well to the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge. It’s been five weeks since I went from sedentary to at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day (5 days a week), and I’m noticing some inches lost in my waistline, albeit there’s still a bunch of jiggly bits here and there. 😀 I did lose some weight but I’m guessing it’s just water weight. Still, I attribute this increased activity to better fitness as I PR’d my 10K last Saturday!

It was the Jet to Jetty run, which I paid $0 thanks to being an LMU alumni (they had a special code for Active.com) and got to run in the “Centennial Lions” team. Race report to follow but yeah, I was pretty excited to PR my 10k! 😉 Oh, bonus: I saw Sheryl & Peter, Sheryl’s bro and his wife, and Sheryl’s parents at the race! I briefly got to speak with her and finally met her sis-in-law, Trang, whom I’ll be seeing again this weekend at Sheryl’s bridal shower!

So back to running: I did my first long run training for my Nike Women’s (half) Marathon in October (10k race + 1mi ran from parking lot to breakfast place). The combined makes 7mi for my scheduled long (short) run! I also did nearly 2 miles of bike training for the Hermosa Beach Triathlon. LOL. Pitiful  bike ride but I think I’m back on track for run training, though!

Overall, it was a pretty active weekend — oh, I went climbing on Sunday, too. I think by tomorroz, though, I will really feel the effects of all that activity. Haha  🙂

Below is my medal from my 10k personal best… Hehehe.

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend.

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