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Half-marathon Race Reports

Race Recap: My first half marathon…

The title is a misnomer. I have done over 25 half marathons before this one, but this morning’s inaugural National Nurses Half Marath [...]

Recap: RnR Pasadena 13.1

A bit delayed in posting this but I had to get it off my mind before I pen my LA Marathon 2012 recap!  Race: Rock ‘n’ Roll Pasadena Hal [...]

Race Recap: RnR Seattle 13.1

Race: Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon Date: June 25th, 2011 Start Time: 7:00AM Location: Seattle, WA (Tukwila, WA to downtow [...]

Recap: KP San Fran 13.1

Race: 28th Annual Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon Date: February 6th, 2011 Start Time: 8:00AM Location: Golden Gate Park, San [...]

Recap: Los Angeles Half-Marathon

Race: Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon Date: October 24th, 2010 Start Time: 7:00AM Location: Los Angeles, CA A few weeks [...]

Race Report: Las Vegas Half Marathon

Wow. Talk about a super delayed reaction! The 2009 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas event seems like a distant memory but I really need t [...]

Race Report: Long Beach Half Marathon

After pumping myself with (the recommended dosage of) Glucosamine for 3 consecutive days for my bum knee, worrying about the race for six da [...]

Race Report: SF Marathon (Half-Marathon)

Race: The San Francisco Marathon (Half-Marathon) Date: July 26th, 2009 Location: San Francisco, California Notes: What can I say, this rac [...]

Race Report: Surf City USA

Notes: I PR’d! I think it’s rather good because I had barely run the month before this race; had exactly 5 training runs. LOL. S [...]

Nike+ Women’s 1/2 Marathon

Notes:Well, I did it. I ran another 1/2 marathon without training. Though I had some pains at some point during the run, it wasn't bad [...]

Congratulations, Annelle (and I survived.)

FIRST OFF, congratulations to my big sis Annelle. She finished her first evar half-marathon (that's thirteen and 1/10 miles for you run [...]
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