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Congratulations, Annelle (and I survived.)

FIRST OFF, congratulations to my big sis Annelle. She finished her first evar half-marathon (that's thirteen and 1/10 miles for you running newbs!)

As you can see, I have survived. It wasn't bad at all. A slight ache with my left knee but it was fine after the 1st mile. I'd rather have my sis write what happened in the 1/2 marathon cos this was her day but overall, it was not too bad at all. It was nice cos I ran with her all the way and afterwards, my sis told me that had I not ran side-by-side, she would've given up at mile 9! Wheeee! My first “success” story! 😀

Anyway, for any running newbies out there, if she can do it, YOU can do it, too! Seriously, just train though — don't go do what I did (now dubbed the “Irene Training Programme” — named after our friend, Irene, who has the habit of registering and running races with little training! EEP!), especially if it's your first time! Sheryl? OJ? Anyone? 😛


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