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I'll carry on?

T minus 2 days — or just about. My 13.1 mile-run is creeping up and the stress is kicking in. Normally, I'd be confident and say, I've trained well and my training will keep me going; well, in this case, I haven't really trained and it's no one else's fault but myself. Well, OK I'm gonna make some excuses right now: 1) I seem to train poorly in the summer; I did the same thing for my Chicago Marathon and that wasn't a very nice experience. That's about it. I'm blaming it on the lazy summer. Shyte.

Well, I'm not going to give up. I'll be cheesy and say, I'll carry on. I'll prolly be in so much pain on monday but I know I'll be finishing the stupid thing. UGH. Oh yah, I might do another 1/2 marathon in December — lol, the Los Angeles 1/2 marathon… Wanna join me?

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