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Nike+ Women’s 1/2 Marathon

Well, I did it. I ran another 1/2 marathon without training. Though I had some pains at some point during the run, it wasn't bad enough that prevented me from finishing. It's the normal stuff you feel when your body is shocked into running long distances after weeks of inactivity, you know? LOL. This run will really motivate me to do the remaining training runs for my November 16 race! Thanks to Sheryl's awesome advice about this thing called Nuun. It kept me hydrated without sugar. Well, I got a boatload of sugar from my Sport Beans, so it was cool. My average pace was about 12:37min/mile and burned 1267 calories. I tried to keep the pace up in parts where I felt like stopping and giving up, but based on the graph below, you'll see a downward trend to my speed (or lack-thereof) lol!

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