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Seems like I hardly update mi giornale anymore. I'll do my best to keep it fresh as I did in the past but you know, time constraints! But I digress — tonight's rather special because tomorroz is one of those days where you get greeted by people who remember and where you have to remind yourself that after tomorroz, you have to add another year when you give your age 😉

Anyway, I've figured out that I like pain (or don't care about it) cos I'm starting my birth day with a 13.1-mile run. At 6AM, to be exact, a mad Asian lady's gonna be running at her local beach and hoping to the heavens that her iPod and Nike+ gear doesn't fail so she can get a limited-edition Tiffany keyring (in the mail)! Back to the pain: I know I do well when I train and I've already experiened the pains with the lack-of-training; seeing that I haven't trained for tomorrow, I've decided to take it 3 miles at a time. Yes, that's my plan: imagine I'm running about four 5K races tomorrow, one after the other. This way, those little milestones will keep me motivated and make me forget that I'll totally die at mile 8. >_<

As if I didn't have enough challenges, I'm also trying out a new flavour of my Sportbeans Jelly Belly (i.e., Fruit Punch) and will be drinking Nuun-enhanced water, rather than my normal Gatorade.

Wish me luck! I'll be reporting during (via Twitter) and post-race as usual tomorroz. ^_^

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