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Paddington Bear's 50th Birfday!

Happy Birfday, Paddington Bear!

Can't believe this bear icon is 50 years old. I still recall making my sis Annelle (when she lived in London) travel all the way to Paddington Station just to get me an "authentic" Paddington Bear; only to find out later that it's not the best of places to be at night — no wonder she was stalked by a shady looking man when she exited the tube! Then, after getting this cute little (actually, tiny 5") bear, my other sis Minel was able to find him at Heathrow Airport! LMFAO! Thanks again, sistahs!

I guess that's probably why Annelle refused to go to Kings' Cross station when I asked her to just go and take a photo of Platform 9 3/4! She said NEVER AGAIN! LOL!

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