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October Goals

I haven’t done this in a while, so here goes… some quick-and-dirty goals for October 2011. Of course, I should have sat down earlier (i.e., months ago) rather than a week and a day from October, but at least I’m not writing this on the 1st 😉

Hermosa Beach Tri (9 Oct ’11)
Get a personal best. Swim: under 20 minutes (and no panicking), T1: under 7 minutes, Bike: under 45 minutes (and count laps correctly), T2: under 3 minutes, Run: under 30 minutes.

  • Swim: I should be able to finish just under 20 minutes for the swim, but the key is for me not to panic as soon as I hit the waves and, er, other triathletes. Or rather, not to panic when they hit me in the water. Focus on my breathing, rhythm, and know there are cute lifeguards there to save me should anything go wrong. 😉
  • T1: I will resist chatting with other athletes whilst at the first transition as if we were all at Afternoon Tea. Wetsuit off. Helmet on. Shoes on. Sip water (pinky-out ;)). Go.
  • Bike: First round IS first lap. 1 – 2 – 3. Three shall be the number thou shalt refer to, and the number of reference shall be three. Four shalt thou not refer, neither refer thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to refer to three…
  • T2: Helmet off. Cap on. Turn bib around. Sip water and chew on Jelly belly. Go.
  • Run: Find someone who’s got a nice 9:45-10 min/mile pace and stick with him/her. Bonus if she’s in your age-group and have final kick in the end to pass her. 😉

San Francisco 13.1 (Nike Women’s Marathon & Half Marathon – 16 Oct ’11)
Is it possible to get my Personal Best? Yes. Is it probable? The outlook is cloudy. I haven’t been running as much as I want to (especially hill workout), despite keeping somewhat good fitness. Still, If I can get close to 2 minutes from my PR at Seattle (without training), I should be able to match or even get there; even if I best it by 10 seconds. ^_^

My birfday party (19 Oct ’11)
Horsies. lol. And not drinking too much.

Sheryl & Peter’s Wedding (22 Oct ’11)
No crying. And drinking much. LOL.

Los Angeles 13.1 (30 Oct ’11)
Fancy dress (possibly). Will be pacing Rhonda and her friends so this will be my fun/recovery run. Goal: get the ladies to the finish under 2:45:00.

Miami 13.1 (11 Dec ’11)
If I do NOT get a personal best at San Francisco, this is the last race of the year where I can try to get PR’s in all 4 distances for 2011. If I do get my PR at SF, this will be a training run for LA Marathon. 🙂

OK, so the last one isn’t part of October, but it’s a race and it’ll be in the back of my mind if I don’t fare well @ NWM.

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