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Race Recap: Playa del Run 5k

Race: 10th Annual Playa del Run Aquathlon & 5k
Date: August 4th, 2011
Start Time: 6:00PM
Location: Dockweiler Beach, Playa del Rey, CA

My brother and I (thanks to some arm twisting by our friend Irene) signed up for this race the last minute (well, technically, a few days before the event, but that’s last minute for me!) though I had always wanted to do this event. I’m glad I did the race (despite no PR), as I wanted to test my then-current fitness, especially after jump starting my fitness base-building  in July, thanks to the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge.

Chip time was 31:20.9 — again, not a personal best, but I actually ran it faster according to my Garmin (averaged at 9:34 min/mile pace). My heart rate shot up to 193bpm at one point and averaged at 180 bpm. So my fitness wasn’t that great yet lol. Then again, I ran this hard; well, as hard as one can with a double-loop course >_<

I may do the race again next year for the novelty but hope they somewhat fix the course so it’s not too boring (double loop!! Ahhh.)

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