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PALA Complete! October overloaded, redux.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award - done!

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award - done!

Arbitrary challenge to shock me into fitness: COMPLETE.
Certificate awarded for completing the challenge: downloaded. 🙂

Other Thoughts:
8 straight-weeks of 5-times-a-week physical activity (of at least 30 minutes) was initially a shock to my sedentary system, but towards the fourth week, I got the hang of it. Towards the sixth week, body was craving the endorphins! 😉 Now the real challenge begins: keeping this fitness up and not falling back into just working out during the weekend, especially with another Overloaded October (albeit, not as overloaded as October of 2010).

Yes, I might have over-scheduled my October (again). I’m kicking it off with my second Hermosa Beach Triathlon, then a week later, my first Nike Women’s Marathon (I’m only running the half, thankfully), then at the end of the month, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. Less mileage than last year’s Overloaded October, but considering I’ll also be celebrating my milestone birfday and then Sheryl & Peter‘s wedding, I’m counting that as if I’m doing two more races. Haha.

Anyway, back to PALA — I think the Competitor Group mentioned something about getting a free t-shirt at the completion of the challenge. That’s yet to arrive but I’m not holding my breath. I think my 10K PR a few weeks ago is reward enough, but a free shirt would still be cool… Hehehe.  😉

Oh, total number of workout hours was around 35 hours or something around that amount 38 hours and 25 minutes. That really doesn’t sound like much but doing the maths, it turns out to be around an average of 52 57 minutes/day for the 8 weeks (5 days a week)… Again, better than my previous inconsistent pseudo-training and periods of slothfulness 😉

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