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Long Run Training: 17 miles

There’s a reason why one should write up their long runs to their training log the day of that run: the experience is fresher, the blister(s) haven’t healed, but then again the muscles aren’t sore. Why even log runs? For posterity 😉 That and I’ve definitely used my past logs as an indicator of my fitness (or lack thereof) at that point in time, especially if it was leading up to a race. I also figured that my left knee pain began around September ’09; I wouldn’t have remembered that if I didn’t write it down. 😉

Anyway, the run on Saturday was essentially a car crash — not a 3-car pile-up or anything disastrous or even a fender bender — I guess (in hindsight) it’s more like a love tap. Still… >_<

The night before wasn’t bad, actually as I was able to have my pasta dinner (albeit, I didn’t begin carbo-loading on Wednesday). Which makes Saturday morning even more odd: I had some really bad tummy pains and literally spent more than a few minutes in el banyo (TMI). I attribute it now to some tight pants and not wearing my long jammies that evening. I guess I have such sensitive tummy that a little exposure to cold messed with everything else. >_<

When I finally got started on my running, I actually felt great. That was, until I got to around mile 5 (or thereabouts) when I knew I was getting a blister under my right arch, which is ironic cos I purposely placed some blister pads over the part where I thought I was getting a blister and that, I suppose, harmed it even more.

A few gruelling miles later, I completed my run despite the inch-large blister that had already formed under my arch.

Other pains to note: left knee. Ugh. I might need to have this checked after the San Diego marathon. I know I should get it checked sooner, but I’m afraid to find out what they find. Eek.

Stats: Garmin Forerunner 50 / Forerunner 201

Time: 03:59:10
Distance: 17.03 mi
Forerunner 201
Avg Pace: 14:02 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 13:54 min/mi
Avg HR: 159 bpm
Max HR:  174 bpm

Forerunner 50
Avg Pace: 13:16 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 12:30 min/mi
Avg Run Cadence: 67 spm
Max Run Cadence:  93 spm

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