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Swim Training (1200m)

ZOMG. I did all 3 drills today and then one more! wOOt. I had to switch around my training (supposed to do barefoot run) but since my Vibram Five Fingers didn’t dry from this weekend’s festivities (surfing + ocean swim), I decided to switch my Wednesday workout (swim) with today’s. Of course, it’s all Virtual Training Besties approved 😉

Anyway, I feel good but I might need to do my swims during the day (aka lunch break) cos right now I’m wired. LOL. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten a Nutella sammich for supper, too. >_<

Here’s what I did for tonight’s workout:

100m warm up
5x50m thumb-to-thigh
5x50m touch-and-go
5x50m closed-fist
5x50m sighting
50m paddie
50m cool down

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