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Keeping motivated!

I think signing up for MyFitnessPal kick-(re)started my training. OK, I know it might eventually become cumbersome to enter my daily caloric intake, but for now, it’s rather exciting to see how many “calories” I have left to consume (especially when I had just finished a workout).

I wish it had a bit more features, though — like, taking into account the # of hours of sleep one had, optional fields for muscle mass, water weight, etc. Still, you really can’t have it all since this is a free application.

Anyway, I’m hoping that by this weekend, I’ll be squared away and be prepared for my 11mi run (with shoes) because in a fortnight, I really need to run 15mi! Or maybe, I’ll just do 13mi and walk the remaining 2mi so I don’t shock my body into doing too much too soon. I deffo don’t want to get my left knee injured again (or just get injured, period!)

Time to get more gold stars (or happy faces!) for my calendar ^_^

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