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How quickly the tide turns

I often “speak to soon,” especially when it comes to training. I posted a few days back that things are going according to my training, when a single day can skew the entire timetable! Ok, not really the entire timetable, but at least this week’s prescribed workouts.

On Wednesday, I experienced my worst headache yet. I mean, I went through some pretty bad sinusitis pain years ago (one of the reasons why I began to be more active/got serious [in a manner of speaking] with my running) … wait, where was, I? Oh, the headache on Wednesday was just as debilitating as my sinusitis attack, except it didn’t hurt more when I laid my head down but it was so bad that I couldn’t sit up and felt really fatigued.

Of course, I have a number of “culprits” on the list which I did (or didn’t do) leading up to the onset of the head pain. I had already pulled two all-nighters (finishing up a print-design project I have), so I wasn’t exactly getting enough sleep; I began limiting my caloric intake (or rather, paying close attention to how much I eat); the weather hasn’t been great beginning of the week (read: high 80s to mid-90’s) and I realized (thanks to tracking everything I put in my mouth) that I hardly drank any water!

Now, I know self-diagnosis is bad and one should really have a professional (read MD) present my prognosis, but I’ve narrowed it down to two ailments; I either got a migraine or tension headache.

The votes from my friends (Mark and Beth) who have experienced similar symptoms lead to migraines, but I can’t help but think it could also have been tension headache. Meh. At least that has passed and I’m feeling better now, but am wary not to have another bout of it!

I should’ve laid down on my back-adjusting-apparatus-thingy when I began to feel the symptoms; I might’ve been able to minimise its debilitating effects. Maybe I’ll just do that after my run tomorroz…

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