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My iPod is still missing.

Technically, it’s misplaced. I brought it up to my room and set it down… somewhere. LOL. That was 2 months ago.

A few days ago, I dreamt that I found it and though I tend to remember my dreams, I was unable to recall where I had found it in my dream and as a result, still can’t find the darn iPod. I guess I should start my spring cleaning early! >_<

In other news, I’m going snowboarding this weekend (wOOt!) and am debating whether or not I should count that as a workout. I mean, technically snowboarding is a physical activity and if I wear my Heart Rate monitor, I should be able to see my actual exertion… That would mean, though, that I’ll have the HRM strap on me nearly the entire day. Wearing it for over 5 hours is already uncomfy but if it’s for workout tracking purposes, I might just suck it up and wear the darn thing. But then again, I wonder if it’ll work at that altitude and harsh temperatures. Soz, just thinking out loud. We’ll see…

Oh and thanks to Sharoool, I’m on Daily Mile now. It’ll be like FB, except more motivational, leaner and less games (oh I miss thee!) ^_^

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