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13 Resolutions!


Ten Eleven days into the new year, and I’m finally ready to set some (realistic) goals on what to accomplish/ improve upon this year. I was half-considering of putting this post together just before the Chinese New Year (which is a month from today; February 10th), but that would mean another month of delaying and procrastinating! That being said, I’m doing a mix of health-and-fitness-related goals, coupled with just personal improvement ones that may not necessarily fit under the health-and-fitness heading. Anyway, here we go…

1. Write More (on this journal, or otherwise)
It’s been 10 years, 3 months and 16 17 days since my first journal post, and yet my activity on this journal has dwindled the past couple of years. In 2012, I only wrote and published one race report (Hermosa Beach Tri!) despite almost always improving on my time or having a wonderful race experience (except for the Chicago half, which was super hot and humid!). I’ve also noticed that the less I wrote on here, the more my grammar, spelling, and sentence construction suffered, thanks to relying on terse posts/abbreviations/slang via my favourite method of communication (text messaging). Not to say I don’t write emails, but I find myself grasping at words and re-reading the message more often before hitting that Send button. So resolution #1 — post more and/or write more (whether to parental units or friends) via email or FB messaging. 🙂

2. Nutrition: Have more Vegetables & Fruits
It seems to be a recurring theme, and may even sound somewhat prosaic for others, but I really do have an issue incorporating fresh veggies and fruits in my meals *everyday*. I know there are other problems in this world, like children who go hungry because they have nothing to eat, and here I am on my cushy chair worried about my veggie intake! >_< Still, I think it all stemmed from the fact that I was a picky eater growing up! I remember it got quite bad that it led me to be slightly malnourished, and my parents had to put some supplements in my chocolate milk — I still remember the gritty powdery residue at the bottom of my milk glass. The one time that I had so much veggies, I got scolded by my mum, because I actually ate some unwashed leaves I picked from her vegetable garden xD But I digress… If I take baby-steps, like including one veggie dish a day, I’m sure I’ll be able to eventually move on to 3 or more servings of fruits/vegetables everyday. I’ll also try to get mostly organic, if not local-produce. Gotta be responsible, and all that 😉

3. Realistic Race Goals: Set them before actual races!
Despite achieving personal bests in my four favourite distances for the past two years, most of those were either a fluke, or half-planned. Lately, I’ve only been deciding either the day before or morning of the race on whether or not I want to PR it! LOL. This means, either I wouldn’t be prepared, or I simply wasn’t prepared. xD I’m lucky enough not to have any injuries because of me flip-flopping on my racing goals, but that doesn’t mean my luck won’t run out. So this year, I plan to call it and train towards my time goals, and not just decide whether or not I can do it on the day of, or during the race xD That being said, below are my 2013 time goals, and the (possible) races to accomplish them (they’re set as separate goals so I can tick them off later).

4. Time Goal for 5k: 26 mins (A); 0:26.25 (B); 0:26.50 (C) – Race: Coaster Run 5k (March)
My current best is 27:07 at the same race. They’re slightly changing the course this year, so we’ll see how I fare. I will need the help of my friend, Irene, to pace me again, though! Target pace: 8:22 min/mile.

5. Time Goal for 10k: 0:55.55 mins (A); 0:59 mins (B); 1:00 (C) – Race: ?? (Possibly Venice-Santa Monica Christmas Run – December)
I PR’d my 10k distance thanks to Irene (again), at the Venice-Santa Monica Christmas Run last December. I was 14 seconds shy of 1-hour flat, but exceeded my A goal at that time. And THAT was in costume + pausing to tie my shoelaces! LOL. Target pace: 9 min/mile.

6. Time Goal for 21k: 2:20.00 (A); 2:23 (B); 2:25 (C) – Race: PCRF Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon (May)
Though I’m already registered for 3 half-marathons this year, I’m choosing the Cinco de Mayo half to attempt to achieve my PR, since the first two races are before the LA Marathon. Target pace: 10:40 min/mile.

7. Time Goal for 42k: 5:01:30 (A); 5:10.00 (B) 5:15.00 (C) – Race: Los Angeles Marathon (March)
I’m excited to share that not only have I been meeting my fundraising goals (I raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer research, in memory of Herman), I’ve also achieved a personal best running the LA Marathon for the previous two years. Although I have not been consistent with attending the training runs with the LA Leggers, I’m determined that I’ll be able to maintain an average target pace of 11:30 min/mile to finish the marathon at my A goal.

8. Move Daily and Often.
Ok, not that kind of movement (i.e., bowel! LOL though I am deffo regular! haha TMI), but more of try to move every 35 minutes. Since I’m sat all day, there are times when the only instance I will stand up is to go to the bathroom or refill my cuppa/water bottle. Humans were not made to sit on their bums for long periods of time, so naturally I got this iPhone app to remind me to move! “Move” (for the iPhone), will not only remind me during the time period requested (you can set between what hours), but will also offer mini-workouts I can do during the short break. I’ll also have to remind myself to do some sort of mini-workout during the commercial breaks whilst watching the telly… Except of course, when I’m eating xD

9. Limit last-minute race registrations!
I think I went overboard last year with the number of races I signed up for — and when I say signed up for, I mean, last-minute signing up! Those race fees add up and it’s only during my year-end financial review that I realise: I’ve overspent! >_<. Still, some of the “last minute” ones were the best, but I’m going to try to give more weight towards races that support a cause (i.e., whether a non-profit, charity, or fundraiser), and ones that are just for fun. Starting this year anyway as I already signed up last year for a “fun” race on the 24th of March — the Hot Chocolate 15k! (Running + Chocolate = Sweeeeeeet.)

10. Disconnect from interwebs once in a while.
Yes, I’m one of those people — the one that whips out their mobile every few minutes to check whatever needs checking. >_< You’d think I would be glad to be offline (especially since I have to be in front of the computer all day) at the end of the work day/week but nope… I’m GLUED to my screen! I think the only time I truly disconnect is when I’m driving OR asleep! LOL Though, as soon as someone designs an app for dreams, I’m sure I’ll tap into that too. So yeah, I need to be able to not be online all the time 🙂

11. Personal development a quarter
I’m not going all overachiever and try to learn a new language every quarter, but I’m going to try to do something that counts as personal improvement — be it learning or brushing up on a new language (programming or otherwise) or learning how to knit (LOL no), or improving my skills on the guitar, learning how to play Bass or just simply the fulfilling the next resolution…

12. Finish the unfinished
I have quite a bit of unfinished projects — the storage bench, the fence, the hamper, learning the Bass, etc. — so before adding more items to my list, I should at least cross-off the ones that are already existing! This ultimately means…

13. Procrastinate… less.
I can’t just get rid of it: the act of procrastination! Sometimes, later ends up being a few hours, then weeks, then months then because of later, it never happens! I can’t completely get rid of the skill of procrastinating, but I’ll attempt to limit it (somehow).

There you have it — 13 Resolutions. Some definitely do-able, some will take a bit of practice to do, but all realistic in my opinion. I have to say, I am pretty excited that I got to complete this post! Last year, I was planning on writing some resolutions but ended up not doing it (see my issue with #13 now?) I also have to thank NYCRunningMama for inspiring me to do so! After reading her ultimate list of goals (they’re hard-core!), I thought… why not? 🙂

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