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Training Run: 3 miles

Well, after a week and a few days of laying off running due to old shoes and a creaky knee, I started running again tonight and well, it felt really good! Still felt a bit of my right knee when I slowed down but attempted to keep a steady pace.

I actually went for a 10-mile bike ride on Sunday morning. It was good to be ‘physically’ active again (lol) and I think that helped a lot today. Tomorroz, I’m working late, so I dont have a chance to run. Then on Friday evening (after work), I’m going down to my sis’ La Jolla Beach House 😉 for weekend festivities, so running then, either. Ahhh… so the next time I’ll be running is Tuesday (if I have time after work). We’ll see how it goes but at least I’m sorta back!

Oh, I should add that I have about 4.2 miles logged on my new Pegasus 25+.

Nike+iPod stats; Garmin Connect

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