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I haven’t ran in a MONTH. I’ve got a half-marathon this October — Long Beach with the patent-patent gals 😉 and then another one in December (@ Vegas!) I’ve been doing some sort of workout here and there but nothing substantial. I need to get back into the swing of things else am gonna suffer @ LB. >_<

I think after my first back-to-back marathon plus the other half-marathons (read: my limit was one half and one full a year), I’ve burned out on running! LOL. That sounds ludicrous, but I seriously think it’s true. There goes my planned PR for LB!

In other news, I got an early Bday pressie from my sis — it’s a triathlon wetsuit! We got it last weekend @ my other sisy’s first Olympic-distance tri event (she finished!) and I was super excited I wanted to go ocean swimming right then and there (we were on the beach [the Expo was on the sand] after all and the ocean was right there!) 🙂 So yeah, add that to my list of races next year — triathlons! (Sprint for now). It’s an Xterra Vortex 3 and it’s tiiiight (both figuratively and literally!). Best of all, it was on sale. ^_^

So yeah, the plan is to jumpstart my run training this weekend and then carry over that excitement (yeah right) until October 11th. With any luck, I’ll at least best my San Francisco time (2:45ish).


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